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Beachside dining at the Holdfast Promenade, Glenelg, South Australia

Agriculture and Primary Industry of South Australia

PIRSA_Agriculture_food_and_wine_in_SA_Chinese_vFP_web-1South Australia is home to a world class agriculture, food and wine industry.

South Australia takes pride in producing some of the best premium food and wine in the world – produced sustainably in a clean and safe environment. From the sumptuous oysters of Coffin Bay to the well-crafted Cabernet of the Coonawarra, our premium food and wine creates lasting experiences and memories.

Thanks to rigorous biosecurity measures, South Australia is one of the few places in the world which is free of the vine destroying pest phylloxera. This status ensures we have some of the oldest grapevines in the world – with 160 year-old gnarled vines producing wine that is internationally recognised for its superior quality and taste.

The commitment to biosecurity has also resulted in South Australia being the only Australian mainland state that enjoys a fruit fly free status. All grain and food crops produced in South Australia are non-genetically modified (Non-GM). The only Australian mainland state that is non-GM, our grain and food crops are sought after around the world. All of these make South Australian products stand out in international markets that value clean and safe food and wine.

Agriculture, food, wine and forestry is South Australia’s key economic driver and is the state’s largest export industry. It currently generates $19.7 billion in revenue, employs one in five working South Australians and accounts for 48 per cent of the state’s merchandise exports. Agriculture, forestry and fishing have been the fastest growing segments in the South Australian economy.

The agriculture, food and wine industry is well positioned to meet the growing global demand for clean and safe food and wine. South Australia is committed to ensuring its agriculture, food and wine industry in global markets can take advantages of the significant opportunities that exist. The unique regions, products and the clean, green environment that they come from provide the competitive edge required to secure and maintain premium status in the markets of our choice.

South Australia’s commitment to achieve these goals has been made through the Premium food and wine produced in our clean environment and exported to the world economic priority.

The South Australian Government recognises the significant role that South Australia’s food and wine exports play in the State’s economy and the major opportunities for continued growth and success of South Australian products locally, nationally and particularly internationally.

Further growth and investment in primary production and processing, the adoption of new technologies, expansion of existing and emerging markets, and realising increased value for our high quality products will be a major economic driver for the state.

World leading food, wine and agricultural research will provide the platform from which we will export our ideas, intellectual capital, products and services.

The long-term objectives of the economic priority are to increase international exports of differentiated and processed food and wine; establish a global reputation for premium food and wine; create opportunities for food and wine businesses to expand or co-locate; and establish a global reputation for our food, wine and clean technology expertise. South Australia’s agriculture, food and wine industry can help to build a bright future, not only for the industry, but for our economy.

South Australian Food, Wine and Seafood