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Business between South Australia and China

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will deliver major benefits to regional South Australians and China.

South Australian business support to China:

Australian businesses will have unprecedented access to the world’s second largest economy, greatly enhancing our competitive position in key areas such as agriculture, resources, manufacturing and financial services.

China is South Australia’s largest export partner and provides two-way trade of $150 billion annually. China is also our largest agriculture and fisheries market and its demand for our high-quality products is growing rapidly.

More than 85 per cent of Australian goods exports will initially be tariff free, rising to 93 per cent in four years. Some of these goods are currently subject to tariffs of up to 40 per cent.

The China-Australia Free trade Agreement will see the removal of tariffs on wine and seafood and most tariffs on horticulture over four years. It will see the removal of tariffs on beef over nine years, sheep meat over eight years and hides, skins and leather over seven years.

Over 90 per cent of Australia’s resources, energy and manufacturing products will enter China duty free and there will be improved market access for our legal, financial services and architectural firms.

South Australian Government Department of State Development

South Australia’s competitive advantages

South Australia has a highly competitive environment and an ease of doing business that is the envy of other states.

Its support for investment includes access to key decision-makers in government and strong investment facilitation through Invest in SA.

South Australia’s advantages include:

  • a well-planned supply of affordable industrial land, linked to strategic infrastructure and transport corridors
  • an advanced manufacturing, technology and research base
  • world-leading companies in defence, food and wine, resources, information and communications technology, and automotive sectors
  • strong collaboration and partnership between industry and government
  • excellence in higher education, skills training and research
  • growing investment and trade relationships with China and other countries.

South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, is consistently ranked one of the most liveable cities in the world and is among the most affordable capital cities in Australia.

In 2014, The Economist rated Adelaide as the equal fifth most liveable city in the world. It is internationally regarded for providing enviable work and lifestyle choices and a safe living environment.

South Australia has unprecedented opportunities for investment

To help investors discover and pursue opportunities in South Australia, Invest South Australia – a team of experienced finance and corporate professionals – has been established.

Invest South Australia are dedicated to promoting South Australia’s $100 billion development pipeline to the Australian and global investment community.

Their well-established networks in the state’s business community, including with local project leaders, enable us to connect you to significant investment-ready opportunities. We can introduce you to sources of capital both domestically and internationally.

The state’s independent economic advisory group, the Economic Development Board (EDB), has suggested that South Australia is moving toward a future of sustained economic prosperity and outperforms the nation in a range of economic indicators.

Mega-projects in mining, infrastructure development and defence are changing South Australia’s economy and our international profile.

About $100 billion worth of major projects underway and in the pipeline are creating jobs, opportunities and wealth for businesses, employees and communities across the state.